"My punctuality is well known
When the revolution takes place
I'll be late
And be shot as a traitor

When the sun rises I will not see a thing
I regret nothing, it was worth it
To go through life without an hourglass"

- The Sugarcubes, I Want

I never really enjoyed the forced-chronology (blog format) of many websites, but CMS is useful. When I moved this site to the Ghost platform, I deliberately selected a theme that de-emphasized dates and chronology. The content is displayed in sequence, but it shows up when it shows up ;)

Still, this posed a problem... what if I wanted to see things on a timeline? As a weekend challenge I decided to see what I could do with the built-in Ghost content API, which turns out to be pretty terrific. It's full featured and fast!

This site is now also available (in chronological order) at chronology.feralresearch.org. This could be made into a theme, or integrated more tightly into an existing theme, but for now I've created it as a standalone SPA written in vanilla JS/CSS/HTML.

If you are interested in your own timeline, you can grab the sourcecode here.  Let me know if you do anything neat with it!

feralresearch / Ghost Timeline
Open source, MIT License