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Feral Research?
The word "feral" indicates that something is outside of  the framework of domesticity. It's often roughly synonymous with "wild" but describing something as "feral" includes the notion that the item in question once fit the framework of domestication but has since left, escaped or fled.

Feral encodes and recognizes the relationship to the domestic but it also asserts that there is another way to live. Feral recognizes the system exists, but it choses a different preposition.

I've used "feral" on-and-off to describe my work for the last decade or so. I feel it aptly describes a life and portfolio of work built in the shadows and cracks between institutions and frameworks, and my overall preoccupation with the global frequency of weird. It probably also accounts for a general tendency to resist legibility. There is joy in running circles around knowledge-silos, and there is some safety in being hidden.

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feralresearch - Overview
feralresearch has 27 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

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