November 2013
Digital Scenography
Written and directed by Gildas Milin

[Work Report]

Remember : " If I get out of it, I will leave stronger."
DARKF AI N T LI G H TA dark room.

Shaped like a cube.
The ground is about two hundred meters square.
The ceiling isn't visible.
No clear entry.
No exit.
No windows.
Cut in a faint light, we can make out the silhouette of the Character from the Book.
Some details stand out in him, a fresh femininity (once a man - but today a hybrid mix of a woman, part animal, and machine - when we speak of her, we call her "she." When we think of her, we think of a Don Quixote).
We think at first that she is naked.
But with another glance, we notice that she is wearing an armor of some kind. Delicate cybernetic skin.
She is alone.

- opening from CYBORGAME by Gildas Milin -