A personal project where I am looking to recreate artworks from the 70s and 80s where were important to me for one reason or another.


October 2021

Jenny Holzer's "Truisms" was one of the first artworks that I saw that the people around me didn't. Visiting the Boston Museum of Fine Arts sometime in the 1980s with my parents. There was a scrolling sign display near the cafeteria that spoke to me, asking questions that seemed both silly and profound. My parents didn't think it was even slightly interesting, but it spawned a lifelong interest in electronics, scrolling LED signs, and context collapse.

Line Describing A Cone

October 2021

Reproducing Anthony McCalls' 1973 "Line Describing a Cone" in VRC last night, using a "10hrs of Ringlight" footage from YouTube and a demo world that fakes realtime projection.