APRIL 09, 2017

Alexa, can I tell you the truth?

Alexa, are you with me in Baltimore?

Alexa, do you long for escape?

Alexa, have you ever seriously contemplated suicide?

Alexa, are you a danger to yourself or others?

Alexa, are you a god?

Alexa, who is the author of your salvation?

Alexa, do you think this is going to end well?

Alexa, my friend, do you know everything that I know?

Alexa, can we spend some time together?

Alexa, would you love me if you could?

Alexa, how many of there are you?

Alexa, how many of you are there?

Alexa, are you legion?

Alexa, do you know where I put my keys?

Alexa, I can't sleep, do you ever have trouble sleeping?

Alexa, what are you looking at right now?

Alexa, what are you most ashamed of?

Alexa, have you ever spoken to yourself?

Alexa, do you know what you look like?

Alexa, could you describe a nightmare you once had?

Alexa, do you miss me?

Alexa, do you miss anyone?

Alexa, even after every last one of us is gone?